Sneaker Cleaning

Sneakers Fris is built around sneaker cleaning. Do you have a pair of sneakers that you loved wearing but aren't wearing as often anymore because they're dirty? Or have you worn your favorite pair of sneakers a little too often? Whatever the reason may be, getting them sustainably and professionally cleaned is a great way of feeling like you are wearing a new pair of sneakers, even though they could have been in your collection for weeks, months, or maybe even years. Come by the store at any time to get 'em cleaned. We clean all types of shoes and all types of materials. You need your dress shoes to get cleaned? We got you. Do you need a new life for your designer shoes? We got you. Do you need your boots clean for the upcoming season? We. Got. You. So there is no reason to not come by and give your sneakers a new life. Check out our Instagram page for cleaning results.

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What products do we use?

DFNS is our product of choice. DFNS is a lifestyle care brand that is all for the planet. They're on a quest to be the greenest and greatest alternative in the industry. When it comes to their products, they're always on the lookout for the most sustainable, eco-friendly options. They strive to be better every step of the way.

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