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How often should I have my footwear cleaned?

Your cleaning schedule depends on how often you wear the footwear and where your feet take you. To keep them in top shape, aim to clean your shoes every two weeks or whenever they start to look dirty.

How long does it take to clean a pair of footwear?

Our turnaround time is 5 business days (but it may depend on how busy it is)

Can you remove tough stains and/or scuffs?

In most cases, we can remove tough stains. But keep in mind that not every footwear is the same and some stains and/or scuffs aren’t removable.

Which treatment fits my footwear?

We understand that it can be difficult to choose a treatment that fits your footwear. Therefore we made a quick and easy survey to help you choose the best treatment for your footwear. Take Survey

Do you provide any guarantees for your cleaning service?

We always strive for the maximum results possible. In most cases, we can remove 90% of the stains on your footwear, but keep in mind that not every footwear is the same and some stains aren’t removable.

Which footwear do you clean?

We clean every footwear of every brand that exists, If you wear it we clean it!

Which materials do you clean?

We clean every material that is used on footwear.

Can I ship my footwear for a cleaning service?

Yes, you can! You can order our cleaning service online. Choose for 'Ship by parcel' and you will receive a shipping label within 1 hour. You only have to pack your footwear and send them over.

Where can I bring my footwear for the cleaning service?

You can bring your footwear during opening hours at one of our locations (opening hours may vary by location).

Do I need to make an appointment for the cleaning service?

We don’t work on appointments! Just drop by at one of our locations or order your treatment online and bring/ship it to us, or let it be picked up by our bicycle courier.

What is the price of your cleaning service?

We work with 3 different cleaning treatment that fits every footwear. Take a look at our pricing here.

Do you repair footwear?

Yes, we do small repairs like nose & sole re-glues and sole icing.

Do you repaint footwear?

Yes, we do repaints on footwear like midsole repaints, full repaints, and suede re-dye

How should I prepare my footwear before sending them in for the cleaning service?

Always ship your footwear in a secured box to keep them in a good condition while in transit.

Do not ship in a plastic bag because there is a high risk of damage or losing your beloved footwear.

Do you use any harsh chemicals in the cleaning process?

No, we don’t! We only use biodegradable cleaning products.

Do you have any promotions for your cleaning service?

Yes, we do!

  • With our ‘Frispas’ you always have a 10% discount on all our cleaning & repair services check out all the ‘Frispas’ benefits here.

Do I get a discount if I bring/ship more pairs at once?

Yes, If you bring/ship 5 pairs or more you will receive a 10% discount on the total amount.
(15% with the ‘Frispas’ only in-store)

How can I pay for the cleaning service?

You can pay with multiple payment methods.

  • In-store: We accept every card payment possible & cash
  • Online: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, iDEAL

Can I order my treatment online and drop it off instore?

Yes, Just order your treatment online and choose for drop-off in-store. Now grab your footwear and bring them including your order number in-store.



Where does the bicycle courier ride?

Our courier only drives in Leeuwarden and adjacent (neighborhood) districts.

See all available zip codes below:

8911, 8912, 8913, 8914, 8915, 8916, 8917, 8918, 8919, 8921, 8922, 8923, 8924, 8925, 8926,8927, 8931, 8932, 8933, 8934, 8935, 8936, 8937, 8938, 8939, 8941, 9084, 9085, 9086

On wich days does the bicycle courier ride?

Our bicycle courier only rides on weekdays from Monday to. Friday. If you order our bicycle courier on Saturday or Sunday, he will be at your door on Monday before 14:00.

What time does the bicycle courier arrive?


After your order, you will receive an email from FRL Post containing all information about the pick-up time.

Collection time: often between 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM the next day*

* If you order on weekdays before 12:00, we will be at your door no later than 14:00


As soon as we are done with your sneakers/shoes, we will report the return shipment to FRL Post. After this, you will receive an email from FRL Post with all information regarding the delivery of your clean footwear.

Delivery time: often between 15:00 & 18:00*

What does pick-up & delivery cost?

We apply the following prices for the use of our bicycle courier:

- Pick up: €4,-
- Delivery: €4,-
- Pick up in-store: Free

If you hand in 2 pairs to our bicycle courier, you will receive a €2 discount on the total collection & delivery costs.

If you hand in 3 pairs or more at our bicycle courier, pick up & delivery is free!

What is the best way to pack my footwear for pick-up & delivery?

We think it is necessary that your footwear is packaged neatly and securely. This ensures that they are not damaged during transport.

That is why the bicycle courier himself has sustainable shipping bags that we can use twice so that you do not have to look for a box or bag.

Give your footwear together with a note with your first and last name and order number to the bicycle courier and he will pack them in the shipping bag.

Are you not at home for collection? Then pack the footwear yourself in a sturdy package*

*Sneakers Fris & FRL Post are not liable for damage due to incorrectly packed orders.

I am not at home for pick-up?

Because we work with sharp pick-up times, it is important if you are at home for pick-up. (see what time the bicycle courier arrive)

In the unlikely event that you are not at home, put your footwear somewhere ready and let us know in advance where.

If we do not find you at home during a pick-up, we will send a not-at-home card through the bus.

A new pick-up order can be scheduled via the non-home card.

However, for a second pick-up order, it is necessary to charge the pick-up costs again.

I am not at home for delivery?

If you are not at home, the footwear will be offered to the neighbors and a note will be sent through the letterbox stating that we have not found you at home and where the footwear has been delivered.

If the neighbors are not at home either, the footwear will be returned and a new delivery appointment can be scheduled via the not-at-home card.

If you do not want your footwear to be offered to the neighbors, please indicate this in advance. You can also indicate in advance that if you are not at home, we can put the footwear somewhere.

Can I pick up my footwear in the store?

Yes, When ordering choose 'pick up in store' at shipping and you will receive an email from us when they are ready.



What is consignment?

With consignment, you (the consignor) give us (the consignee) your items to sell them on your behalf. You retain ownership of the items until they are sold, at which point we take a commission on the sold amount.

How does consignment work?

Fill in our consignment application form here. After that, we check if your item(s) will fit in our collection and if your price is right.

We will send you an email so that you can bring your items so we can list them in our system and start selling your items.

What type of items can be sold?

We accept multiple items like:
Sneakers, Streetwear and Collectibles

What are the benefits of using the consignment service?

With consignment,

You have your item(s) at the right spot, we have the best customers for your item(s)

Besides this, you don't have to deal with other marketplaces and spent a ton of time on possible buyers, lowballers, flakers, and scammers.

We do all the work for you!

A win-win situation

How do I sign up for the consignment service?

Fill in our application form here.

how much commission does the consignment service charge?

We work with a 75/25 split, which means you will receive 75% of the sold store price. We take 25% commission for our services.

How long does it take to sell an item on consignment?

We can't give you an estimated selling time because this depends on multiple things like Item, price, ask, and condition.

How long is the consignment period?

We work with a 60 days placement period. After this period you can pick up your item(s) after you send us an email that says when you will pick up your items.

If you want your item(s) to stay with us longer we will extend the contract without any notice but you can pick up your items whenever you want by sending us an email.

How can I check the status of my consignment items?

You can check your current stock and balance in your consign portal. You can easily log in with your email address stated in the contract.

Who is responsible for pricing my items?

Together with you, we will look for the right price for your item(s) this depends on market value and condition.

Do I need to sign a contract for the consignment service?

Yes, Because we want all agreements, and insurance in black and white for both parties.

How do I get paid for items that get sold?

When you sign the contract you can ask for a payout by bank or cash.

When will I get paid for the sold items?

Every Monday is pay-day. Is your item sold on Monday it will get payed out on the next following Monday.

What happens if my item(s) doesn't sell?

If your item(s) doesn't sell within the 60 days period we will extend the contract without any notice. But you can pick up your item(s) after sending us an email that you will.

Can I have my items back before the period ends or if I change my mind?

No, Because you signed a contract for a placement of 60 days.

If you insist to receive your items back before the consignment period ends we have to ask for a fine of 5% of the selling price.



What is the Frispas?

The 'Frispas' is designed specifically for our regular customers who desire additional benefits. It is free of charge and can be used at all of our locations. When you top up your 'Frispas', you will always enjoy extra perks. You can easily request yours at our store in Leeuwarden.

What are the benefits of the Frispas?

With the Frispas you will have the following benefits:

  • Always 10% discount on our cleaning/repair service
  • 15% Discount if you bring 5 pairs or more
  • Extra credit when you top-up from €50,-
  • Free cleaning of 1 pair on your birthday (max 2 days earlier/later)
  • When you refer a friend you both get €5,- free credit.

How much does the Frispas cost?

The 'Frispas' is free of charge. You decide how much you top up.

Where can I get the Frispas?

You can get the Frispas in our flagship store located in Leeuwarden.

Where can I use the Frispas?

You can use your 'Frispas' at our flagship store, located in Leeuwarden.

How can I top-up the Frispas?

You can top-up your 'Frispas' in our flagship store located in Leeuwarden.

My Frispas is lost/stolen, what now?

No worries. Ask one of our employees to block your card and you will receive a new one with your current balance.

How long is the Frispas valid?

The 'Frispas' is valid for an unlimited time.

How can I check my balance?

After every payment, you receive an invoice with your new balance.

Want to know your current balance? Ask one of our employees.

Can I use the Frispas for online orders?

No, the 'Frispas' is only usable in-store.

Can I use the Frispas to buy items?

No, the 'Frispas' is only for our cleaning & repair services.