Sneaker Care Kit

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With the Sneaker Care Kit you have everything to make/keep your sneakers clean. For more information see the description below.

DFNS Sneaker Care Kit includes the DFNS Footwear Cleaner, Footwear Protector, Footwear Refresher, Micro Fiber Cloth and the Premium Cleaning Brush.

Footwear Cleaner is gentle yet effective. Its innovative blend of ingredients accesses and releases dirt from the finest fibres, without compromising the shoe’s material or its water-repellent coating.

Footwear Protector is the eco-friendly answer to water-tight sneakers. Its innovative formula is water-based, biodegradable and virtually solvent-free, making it safer for you, your kicks and the planet. It’s even safe to spray indoors.

Footwear Refresher is a water-based, biodegradable spray that eliminates odor molecules, giving you fresh as new shoes in 24 hours. Each bottle contains a special formula with billions of active probiotics that work together as microscopic superheroes to keep your sneakers fresh by starving out the stink.

Premium Cleaning Brush is made of high quality bristles that are sturdy, but enough to get you clean without damaging them. The brush is very durable and can be used for years.